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Clinton and Obama on Immigration

This video is a compilation of speeches regarding policies toward immigration during the Clinton and Obama tenures.  

Dear President Obama…

Trump’s Contract with the American Voter

Trump’s Presidential campaign formed a “Contract with the American Voter” that specified a 100 day action plan to Make America Great Again. The plan outlines ways to reduce corruption, protect American workers, restore security and several acts to make government work for the people instead of the status quo. Attached is a copy of his […]

Amid Voter ID Battles, Here Are 7 Things the Government Requires IDs For

Proponents of voter ID have argued that retailers require ID to buy liquor, M-rated video games, prescriptions, or even nail polish. But these arguments aren’t really applicable to voter ID, said J. Christian Adams, general counsel for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and a former Justice Department attorney, who supports voter ID and other election […]

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