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Updated voter registration stats


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Kentucky Voter Registration

Here’s updated data from the Kentucky State Board of Elections. It shows continued increase in the number of Republican party registrations.

Party2008 General ElectionJanuary 15, 2019

Growth since President Obama’s election in 2008…


Growth since Governor Bevin’s Inauguration in Dec 2015…


Growth since Trump’s Inauguration in Jan 2017


Growth from January 16, 2018 to January 15, 2019  (1 year)…


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Rally at the River 2018

The Rally at the River today was a great success.

Photos from the even are available here.

Rally at the River

We will have a Rally at the River on Saturday, October 27 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. Guest speaker will be Congressman James Comer. Many of our local candidates will speak. We will provide a ho dog lunch starting at 12:00pm. Speaking is expected to begin around 12:25pm.

Republican Success With Red Tape Reduction

Members, Candidates, and other interested parties –

With the election of 2018 well underway and Governor Bevin announcing his intent to run for re-election, it’s important to remember the successes Kentucky Republicans have brought to Frankfort and Washington D.C. This week we will be highlighting the regulatory reductions Governor Bevin, President Trump, and our Working Majorities in Frankfort have been fighting for and we wanted to send you a few points that we’ll be highlighting.

Governor Bevin has been able to roll back 453 unnecessary regulations and amend 424 regulations that needed to be updated under his Red Tape Reduction initiative. Only three years in, and they’ve reviewed 58% of all regulations in Kentucky as of this month!

This impact can clearly be felt in all sectors across the commonwealth. From family owned farms to coal country to transportation and the health industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about Governor Bevin’s successful Red Tape Reduction initiative, please visit:

And on the national level, President Trump has taken up the same calling as Governor Bevin (even sporting the Red Tape Reduction lapel pin!) and has fought to reduce unnecessary red tape. Since taking office in 2017, Trump has outperformed his desire to replace each new regulation while repealing two regulations. Instead he’s actually cut TWENTY-TWO regulations for every one regulation!

All the while, legislators both in Frankfort and in Washington D.C. have been working to uncover more useless regulations and fight back against the bureaucracy.

Additionally, we’ve attached a document that was handed out by Governor Bevin’s staff at the Lincoln Dinner this past weekend and we wanted to make sure that you saw it. It details all of the success in passing legislation that we’ve seen come from a Republican controlled government.

As always, thank you for all that you do for the party.

Republican Party of Kentucky

Kentucky Success in Rolling Back Red Tape

• Governor Bevin has focused his administration on restraining runaway government and reempowering
• Regulations have hindered Kentuckians ability to build their businesses and farms and have
driven up the cost of products and services for working families
• When he was first elected to office, Governor Bevin established the Red Tape Reduction Initiative
to review the more than 4,700 regulations in Kentucky and eliminate regulations that are
unnecessary, duplicative, simplify regulations considered too complex, and judge each regulation
for their intent and effectiveness
• The Red Tape Reduction Initiative’s intent is to spur job creation and investment, change the
attitude of government from regulation makers to regulation managers, and to get government off
the backs of Kentuckians
• As of August 2018, the Red Tape Reduction Initiative has repealed 453 regulations and amended
424 (view repealed regulations here; view amended regulations here)
• In total, the Red Tape Reduction Initiative has led to the review over 58 percent of the more than
4,700 regulations on Kentucky’s books
• To learn more about how the news has covered the successes of the Red Tape Reduction Initiative,
click here

Federal Government Success in Rolling Back Red Tape

• In December 2017, President Trump announced that his administration has been successful in
rolling back 22 regulations for every new regulation created (view his announcement here)
• Since President Trump was sworn in, the economy has exploded and market analysts believe that
the longest ever bull market will continue (view latest article here)
o Currently, the stock market has grown for more than 3,435 days without a 20 percent
• Recently, President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency rolled back the devastating Clean
Power Plan, which threatened the jobs of coal miners and threatened to increase costs of electricity
on working families across Kentucky
• Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler recently visited Kentucky and touted the potential
impact of Trump’s new emissions standards (view latest article here)
• The expected cost savings from this reduction in red tape was $8 billion in 2017 and will amount
to $10 billion in 2018 (view latest article here)
• And for their part, Congress has worked to implement the Congressional Review Act of 1996
(CRA) which allowed Senator Mitch McConnell and the rest of our federal delegation to eliminate
regulations (view explanatory article here)

Bevin Announces Re-election

Governor Matt Bevin announced his intention to run for re-election tonight at the Lexington Lincoln Dinner.

Photo below is Governor Matt Bevin and our own Richard Grana at the Lincoln Dinner.

KTRS Fully Funded

The truth is finally coming out about the 2018 budget!  According to the Teacher’s Retirement System itself, DESPITE THE OBJECTION OF EVERY DEMOCRAT IN THE LEGISLATURE, Republicans in the General Assembly allocated the State’s full obligation to the KTRS for the FIRST TIME in over a Decade!  While Democrats may talk the talk, it’s Kentucky Republicans who are keeping their promise to teachers.

For the first time in a decade, the full required contribution for the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Kentucky is included in the biennial budget. That consists of about $2 billion total, including the full $1.09 billion requested in additional funding to address the unfunded liability.

The new budget is on the heels of the two-year spending plan that expires June 30 where TRS received 94 percent of the required contribution.

“These new funds are hugely important for TRS,” Executive Secretary Gary Harbin said. “This keeps the system on the path to full funding. We’re thankful to Gov. Matt Bevin and the legislature for this tremendous support.”

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