Biden Is Failing Our Schools

  • After promising to open our nation’s schools and put children first, Joe Biden has spent his first 100 days in office putting special interests first.
  • The science on reopening our schools is abundantly clear.
    • The CDC has concluded that community spread of COVID-19 in schools is low, and that children only need to be  three feet apart to remain safe.
  • But the Biden Administration is putting special interests first.
    • A new bombshell report shows emails between Biden’s CDC and the powerful American Federation of Teachers (AFT) directly influencing CDC guidance on reopening schools.
    • The special interest group even made language suggestions for the CDC’s school reopening guidelines – language which the CDC “adopted nearly verbatim” into their final document.
    • It’s disturbing the AFT, under the leadership of Randi Weingarten, is leading the unscientific push to keep millions of students from attending in person classes.
    • One doctor called these interactions “very, very troubling,” adding, “this is not how science-based guidelines should work or be put together.”
    • Why is a special interest group influencing the Biden Administration’s public health policy.
      • In the 2020 campaign cycle, the AFT spent $20 million to elect Democrats across the country – including Joe Biden. It appears AFT’s partnership with Biden during his campaign is finally paying off for them.
  • Before he took office, Biden vowed to reopen America’s schools in his first 100 days.
    • 100 days has passed and tens of thousands of kids still aren’t back in school – another broken promise for Biden.
    • Now, Biden isn’t even committing to fully reopening schools this fall.
  • The Biden Administration has mixed messaging on reopening schools. Just over the past few days:
    • White House Adviser Anita Dunn refused to back reopening schools by FALL and dodged when asked if Biden would stand up to Democrat special interest groups making unscientific demands.
    • Jill Biden refused to call on teachers to allow schools to reopen, claiming that “it depends.” An educator should know better.
  • The science shows that keeping schools closed have a devastating impact on our children including the mental healthsocial and economic situation, and academic achievement of children.
  • It’s time the Biden Administration follows the science on school reopening. Our students and families deserve better.
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