KTRS Fully Funded

The truth is finally coming out about the 2018 budget!  According to the Teacher’s Retirement System itself, DESPITE THE OBJECTION OF EVERY DEMOCRAT IN THE LEGISLATURE, Republicans in the General Assembly allocated the State’s full obligation to the KTRS for the FIRST TIME in over a Decade!  While Democrats may talk the talk, it’s Kentucky Republicans who are keeping their promise to teachers.

For the first time in a decade, the full required contribution for the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Kentucky is included in the biennial budget. That consists of about $2 billion total, including the full $1.09 billion requested in additional funding to address the unfunded liability.

The new budget is on the heels of the two-year spending plan that expires June 30 where TRS received 94 percent of the required contribution.

“These new funds are hugely important for TRS,” Executive Secretary Gary Harbin said. “This keeps the system on the path to full funding. We’re thankful to Gov. Matt Bevin and the legislature for this tremendous support.”

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