New Website

As you may have noticed the McCracken County GOP website has been updated. This new website uses modern technology making it easy for our local party members to add new content. Besides a having fresh, new appearance for desktop and laptop computers a mobile friendly version of the website should automatically appear to anyone using a smartphone.

A few particulars to mention about this new site….

  • There are two menus near the top of the website. A black menu at the top and a blue menu further down.
  • A quick link to our Facebook page n the black menu on the right.
  • A search option at the top-right allows you to search the entire site.
  • On the right you’ll see titles of new posts recently made. These posts may pertain to events or news related to local, state or national politics.
  • A “Search” widget is available for you to search the site.
  • The “Categories” widget has posts divided into categories allowing visitors to see posts grouped by common subjects.
  • The “Keywords” widget uses something called a “word cloud”. This features has keywords or “tags” that are used in posts arranged by size. The larger the keyword the more that keyword used in posts.
  • The “Information Center” provides links to information often requested by members of the public such as where to vote, how to register to vote or change parties, check your voter registration status or view your upcoming election ballot.

Potential new features….

  • Participation. We could allow visitors to register and reply to posts made on the website.
  • Email notification. Visitors could register on the website and receive email notifications when a new post is made.

Final note, few websites are meant to be “finished”. Websites require work and require a devotion by their keepers. As we get acquainted with our new website and more people are assigned responsibilities portions of the website may be “tweaked”. A maintained website is never “written in stone”.

Please continue to visit our Facebook page for updates as well.

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