Open Meeting

We had our open meeting tonight. A lot of people showed up to hear from Republican candidates. We plan to have another open meeting before the general election in November. Visitors were able to hear from the following Republican candidates:

  • Joni Hogancamp, candidate for State House of Representatives
  • Randy Bridges, candidate for State House of Representatives
  • Bill Bartleman, incumbent candidate for county commissioner (district 1)
  • Jeff Parker, candidate for county commissioner (district 2)
  • Eddie Jones, candidate for county commissioner (district 3)
  • Scott Wathen, incumbent candidate for county commissioner (district 3)
  • Tony Veltri, candidate for constable
  • David Knight, candidate for McCracken County Jailer
  • Greg Garrison, candidate for McCracken County Jailer
  • Bobby Dennis, candidate for McCracken County Jailer

The following city commission candidates spoke as well.

  • Brenda McElroy
  • Scott Jackson
  • Mike Reed

A complete list of 2018 Republican candidates is available here.

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