Letter from the Chairman

Thank you!

Thank you for believing in conservative principals, thank you for believing in our conservative leaders and thank you for reading this, our first of many McCracken County GOP Newsletters. This Newsletter will be created monthly and will generally be available on our website at https://www.mccrackengop.com or via email. To be included on the mailing list simply click on “newsletter” on the website and opt in.

Now is a great time to be a Republican here in McCracken County. I am proud to report that Republican leaders now are a majority in the McCracken County Courthouse. Republicans control the Fiscal Court, the County Clerk’s office, the Sheriff’s Department, the County Jail, the PVA and many of our judges are registered Republicans. We also recently saw two Democrat leaders change their registration to Republican, one being the McCracken County Coroner Amanda Melton and the other, our Circuit Court Clerk Kim Channell. I applaud these two amazing ladies for following their convictions and standing up for their beliefs.

The Republican party is not just growing locally. We as a party are enjoying massive growth from across the state. The policies of Democratic Party leaders have left moderate Democrats feeling deserted by their Party. If the numbers continue on their current trend we will soon see the State of Kentucky not only be a lock-in for Republicans in the Electoral College but for the first time ever we’ll see more registered Republicans than Democrats here in the Commonwealth. Giving credit where credit is due, this rapid growth for the Republican Party in Kentucky could not be possible without the failed policies and disastrous leadership of Barack Obama, Andy Beshear and now Joe Biden. These men have done more to help recruit new Republicans in Kentucky than any other three individuals that I’m aware of in history. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather for our Country to be healthy and strong with a vibrant economy rather than our political party grow but in today’s political cloud-cover any silver lining is nice to see. My only hope is that the folks joining our growing Party are interested in conservative solutions to our complex problems rather than just seeking refuge from a Democratic Party that has gone rogue. Each of us are leading those within your sphere of influence through our actions and words whether we’re trying to or not and so I encourage all new Republicans and old ones alike to read and understand the Republican Party platform and become engaged.

A great opportunity to become engaged is an event that the McCracken County Republican Party is hosting on November 13th, 2pm at Blooms N’ Gardens (off of Old Cairo Road) on Pullen Lane in Paducah. We are inviting all current office holders and all declared candidates for office to speak and you are invited to attend. The cost is $25 per person and that will include some light hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

I look forward to seeing you there and I look forward to continued growth within our Party, but more importantly I look forward to the application of conservative governing principals as we move our County, our Schools, our Citys, our State and our Country forward in the future.

Jason Crockett
McCracken County Republican Party

November Open Meeting

The McCracken County Republican Party will hold an open meeting on November 13 at 2pm. The event will be held at Blooms n Gardens at 4285 Pullen Lane off Cairo Road. 

All elected officials and declared candidates are invited to speak.

There is a fee of $25 to attend. This fee covers the event which includes light hors d’oeuvres and beverages.



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Lincoln/Reagan Dinner

Several residents from McCracken County attended the Lincoln/Reagan Dinner in Murray Saturday night. Speakers included Senator Rand Paul and Representative Jamie Comer.

In Appreciation

Lee Greenwood Rewrote God Bless The USA

Reorganization Meeting Photos

County Mass Meeting Completed

This morning at the Paducah-McCracken County  Convention center we conducted the Republican Party of McCracken County mass meeting.   This meeting is normally completed every four years to elect new officers

This morning’s meeting had a great turnout! We had approximately 85 registered Republicans attend.

During the meeting, new captains, co-captains and youth chairs were elected to their respective precincts. These precinct officers voted to elect new county committee officers and voted to make the county committee an executive committee. Two new members were also added to the executive committee.

County Mass Meeting

McCracken County Republican Party will hold a Reorganization Meeting to elect Precinct officers and Republican Party officers for four-year terms.

Date: Saturday, June 5th, 2021
Place: Paducah/McCracken Co Convention Center
Eisenhower Room
Time: registration 9:00am – 9:55am, Meeting starts at 10:00am

The purpose of these elections are to:

  • Elect Precinct Officers — a Precinct Captain, a Co-Captain, and a Youth Captain who must be 40 years of age or younger. These Officers must reside in the precinct in which they are elected.
  • Elect County Officers (immediately following Precinct Elections): a County Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Youth Chair will be elected by the Precinct Officers.

All Republicans who were eligible to vote in the 2020 General Election are allowed to participate and vote in Precinct Committee Elections. Everyone will be required to present a government-issued photo ID during registration.

Biden Is Failing Our Schools

  • After promising to open our nation’s schools and put children first, Joe Biden has spent his first 100 days in office putting special interests first.
  • The science on reopening our schools is abundantly clear.
    • The CDC has concluded that community spread of COVID-19 in schools is low, and that children only need to be  three feet apart to remain safe.
  • But the Biden Administration is putting special interests first.
    • A new bombshell report shows emails between Biden’s CDC and the powerful American Federation of Teachers (AFT) directly influencing CDC guidance on reopening schools.
    • The special interest group even made language suggestions for the CDC’s school reopening guidelines – language which the CDC “adopted nearly verbatim” into their final document.
    • It’s disturbing the AFT, under the leadership of Randi Weingarten, is leading the unscientific push to keep millions of students from attending in person classes.
    • One doctor called these interactions “very, very troubling,” adding, “this is not how science-based guidelines should work or be put together.”
    • Why is a special interest group influencing the Biden Administration’s public health policy.
      • In the 2020 campaign cycle, the AFT spent $20 million to elect Democrats across the country – including Joe Biden. It appears AFT’s partnership with Biden during his campaign is finally paying off for them.
  • Before he took office, Biden vowed to reopen America’s schools in his first 100 days.
    • 100 days has passed and tens of thousands of kids still aren’t back in school – another broken promise for Biden.
    • Now, Biden isn’t even committing to fully reopening schools this fall.
  • The Biden Administration has mixed messaging on reopening schools. Just over the past few days:
    • White House Adviser Anita Dunn refused to back reopening schools by FALL and dodged when asked if Biden would stand up to Democrat special interest groups making unscientific demands.
    • Jill Biden refused to call on teachers to allow schools to reopen, claiming that “it depends.” An educator should know better.
  • The science shows that keeping schools closed have a devastating impact on our children including the mental healthsocial and economic situation, and academic achievement of children.
  • It’s time the Biden Administration follows the science on school reopening. Our students and families deserve better.
117 South 2nd Street, Paducah, KY